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  • Pleated Filter for Negative Air Machine

    Pleated Filter Neg Air Fan 24x24x2 12 Per Case
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  • Pre Filter Nam 24X24X1/2 Case

    Pre Filter Nam 24X24X1/2 40 Per Case
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  • Filter for PAS1800 F1821-12

    First Stage FIBER TRAPPER® Particulate Pre-Filter F1821-12 PAS
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  • Negative Air Machine

    HEPA-AIRE H2KM Negative Air Machines from Abatement Technologies® feature high-quality, galvanized steel cabinets and water tight pop rivet construction.
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  • Filter HEPA Negative Air Machine

    99.97% HEPA filter,NAM injection-molded plastic frame, 2,000 cfm rated
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